Oracle Database

JackDB is the best way to connect to Oracle.

About JackDB Enterprise

Are you looking for a SQL client that connects to your Oracle Database systems? The JackDB Enterprise platform enables your entire organization to securely connect to Oracle databases, with built-in tools security and for collaboration.

JackDB is entirely browser-based, works in all major operating systems and modern browsers, and connects seamlessly with Oracle. JackDB is better than a standard Oracle database client application for Windows or Mac.

You can write queries in our intuitive, browser-based query editor and leverage the flexibility of SQL for insights and reporting. JackDB Enterprise offers a comprehensive audit logging and role-based access control across your organization’s entire data infrastructure.

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About Oracle

Oracle Database is the world’s leading multi-model database management system.

Oracle Database can be deployed in your data center, public cloud, or in a private cloud. These flexible deployment options allow you to take advantage of low-latency and data residency requirements in your data center, or achieve scalability and the broadest set of capabilities with the cloud.

Oracle Database includes security solutions for:

  • encryption
  • key management
  • data masking
  • privileged user access controls
  • database activity monitoring and auditing