JackDB is a secure, collaborative environment for your team's queries and data-driven insights.

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Browser-Based UI

JackDB is entirely browser-based and securely connects to your data from anywhere in the world—with nothing to install on your system.

Collaboration Tools

Our platform supports both individual and collaborative data analysis, and snippets increase the value of your queries and insights.

Built For Security

Our platform adds a powerful security layer for your data, including role-based access control and deep system audit logging.

Works With Your Data

JackDB is the only cross-platform SQL query tool that connects to all of the world's leading data sources in just a few clicks—no drivers required.

Discover an entirely browser-based interface for your data.

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Sign up for a 14 day free trial—no credit card required.

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Make data-driven decisions.

The JackDB platform is always available and blazing fast, ensuring your organization's data is accessible from anywhere in a full-featured, browser-based query interface.

JackDB maintains one secure connection to your database, even for long-running queries, so you never lose your work.

Results can be exported to a CSV or TXT file, imported into another program for further analysis, or explored in our browser-based data grid visualization.


Empower your database experts.

SQL is the language of data. Our browser-based query tool and collaborative environment allows you to leverage the full power of SQL and extend the reach of your organization's data experts.

With JackDB's shared snippets and other collaborative features, your team's most useful queries become modular and interactive SQL-based reports, reusable by other teams and across your organization.

For more information, see our list of supported data sources.


Record and audit every user action.

JackDB is built for simplicity and security. Our platform offers a complete suite of security features, including:

  • role-based access control
  • user and database activity monitoring
  • comprehensive system audit logging

Data is fully encrypted, in-transit and at-rest, keeping your organization in control of its data. JackDB simplifies compliance with major data security standards, including:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

For more information, see our security overview.

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