Amazon Redshift

JackDB is the best way to connect to Amazon Redshift.

About JackDB Enterprise

Are you looking for a SQL client that connects to Amazon Redshift? The JackDB Enterprise platform enables your entire organization to securely connect to Amazon Redshift, with built-in tools security and for collaboration.

JackDB is entirely browser-based, works in all major operating systems and modern browsers, and connects seamlessly with Amazon Redshift. JackDB is better than a standard database client application for Windows or Mac.

You can write queries in our intuitive, browser-based query editor and leverage the flexibility of SQL for insights and reporting. JackDB Enterprise offers a comprehensive audit logging and role-based access control across your organization’s entire data infrastructure.

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About Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fully-managed cloud data warehouse for AWS. Redshift is one of the most popular data warehouse solutions and works particularly well for long-running queries against terabyte-scale and petabyte-scale datasets.

Redshift is fast enough for interactive SQL queries on large data sets. Redshift makes it easy to scale your data warehouse and supports scaling clusters from a single node to over one hundred nodes.

Furthermore, queries executed on Redshift Spectrum are dynamically allocated from files in Amazon S3, without having to first load the data into Amazon Redshift tables.