Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

JackDB is the best way to connect to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

About JackDB Enterprise

Are you looking for a SQL client that connects to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL? The JackDB Enterprise platform enables your entire organization to securely connect to Amazon RDS, with built-in tools security and for collaboration.

JackDB is entirely browser-based, works in all major operating systems and modern browsers, and connects seamlessly with Amazon RDS. JackDB is better than a standard PostgreSQL client application for Windows or Mac.

You can write queries in our intuitive, browser-based query editor and leverage the flexibility of SQL for insights and reporting. JackDB Enterprise offers a comprehensive audit logging and role-based access control across your organization’s entire data infrastructure.

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About Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

Amazon RDS is a leading solution for operating and scaling a relational database in the cloud. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL gives you access to the full capabilities of PostgreSQL in Amazon AWS.

With Amazon RDS, you can deploy a scalable PostgreSQL deployment in minutes with predictable costs and resizable hardware capacity.

Amazon RDS manages the complexity of routine maintenance and administrative tasks such as software installation and upgrades, disk storage management, replication for high availability (HA), and log backups for disaster recovery.