JackDB is a modern database client.

Collaborate with data securely across your entire organization.

Direct SQL access to your entire data infrastructure.

JackDB has native integrations for many popular databases and cloud-based data warehouses.

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Data sources

Built-in tools for security and collaboration.

Automate access to any database, on-premises or in the cloud.

Query Editor

Write and execute queries in a fully interactive SQL editor. JackDB has everything you'd want in a database client, including: syntax highlighting, code formatting, and intelligent autocompletion.

Shared Snippets

Snippets allow your most useful SQL queries to be saved and shared. Simply write and save any query in JackDB, and share the snippet publicly with your team. Whenever anyone updates a snippet, everyone gets access to its latest version.

Role-Based Access Control

Security is our highest priority at JackDB. Roles are a very convenient and secure way to restrict database access to authorized users and provision new users with access to data sources.

Database Explorer

Explore everything in your database, not just tables and views. View your indexes, schemas, and other important system details such as tablespaces and user sessions.

System Audit Logging

JackDB offers full system audit logging, so you can keep track of your entire organization's data infrastructure, including when users log in or add new data sources.

Data Grid Visualization

Visualize your data in a lightning-fast data grid, with seamless scrolling of even the largest result sets. When you're ready, execute and export the full results for further analysis with a single click.

Collaboration Tools

Our platform is designed for collaboration. Shared snippets, role-based access control, and granular permissions extend the value of your organization's most useful queries and insights.

Activity Monitoring

JackDB also offers comprehensive user and database activity monitoring, so you can find any query that's ever been executed. Filter records by date, user, or even a full-text search.

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Intuitive Interface

JackDB is entirely browser-based. There's never any software to install. You can have a more productive database development environment set up in just a few minutes.

Team Management

Our user and team management tools are also entirely browser-based, so you can conveniently set up and manage your entire organization's platform for working with data.

Two-Factor Authentication

JackDB offers seamless two-factor authentication, a highly recommended security feature that adds an additional layer of security for your data.

Long-Running Queries

JackDB maintains a single connection to your database, even for long-running queries, so you can never lose your work. No matter what, the results will always be available in your browser.

Real-Time Insights

Our platform takes advantage of modern databases to show you real-time insights. With JackDB, queries execute on your server and your database remains the single source of truth.

No Shared Passwords

Your data and database credentials are far more secure in a platform built for security. JackDB ends the practice of sharing database passwords in plain text or sticky notes.

Secure Connections

Your servers and data are never exposed to the public. JackDB connects directly to your database with end-to-end encryption and a single, secure connection.

Bank-Level Security

JackDB uses SSL/TLS and 256-bit AES encryption to both transfer and store your data, the same level of encryption used by leading banks and cloud computing platforms and companies.

All plans include unlimited data sources.

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