Security Model

Securing and controlling access to your data

This section is a guide to best practices for security and data access with JackDB. There are a number of security features built into JackDB to manage and control access to your data:

  • Authentication

    Users are authenticated for every request.

  • Authorization

    Role-based access control and time-based permissions ensure that users are only authorized to access the data sources necessary for their roles.

  • Encryption in transit

    All traffic between users and JackDB is encrypted with HTTPS.

  • Encryption at rest

    Data are stored fully encrypted, both in our database and on our servers.

  • Audit log and activity feed

    All activity and requests in JackDB are logged for auditing purposes.

Creating a read-only database user

Whenever possible, we recommend creating a read-only user on your database. In general, you should limit access privileges on your database to the minimum that users will require.

Connecting to your database

JackDB connects to your database in a specific, limited way. We access your data in real-time and only retrieve the database records necessary to support a given query. Results from queries are temporarily buffered and stored fully-encrypted.