Activity Feed

Exclusive to JackDB Enterprise

This feature is only available in JackDB Enterprise.

Monitoring all usage and data source activity

You can always monitor your database activity logs and view the usage statistics that are collected by your database. However, we also provide an audit log of all usage and activity that occurs through JackDB.

Understanding the activity feed

The activity feed is a central log of all data source activity, and consists of a table of records ordered by time. It is only visible to and accessible by account administrators.

Each record contains an event of one of the following types:

  • Event
  • Source
  • IP address
  • Timestamp
  • User
  • Data source
  • Connection
  • Details

All data source activity including query executions, imports, and exports is saved to the activity feed.

Account administrators can search the activity by a date/time range, user, data source, or by full text search on the actual query text that was executed.