JackDB and Segment SQL: Direct SQL Access to Your Customer Data

JackDB and Segment SQL

We believe SQL is a powerful and expressive language for people to be able to answer questions, tell stories with data, and, ultimately, discover new insights. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that JackDB now supports Segment SQL, the latest addition to Segment’s customer data hub.

Segment SQL collects and tracks your customer data across services, platforms, and devices, and loads it all into a single, standardized SQL database. (Behind the scenes, this database is powered by Amazon Redshift, a fully managed data warehouse solution that makes it easy to analyze all your data using existing SQL query tools.)

Track your customer data directly to SQL

With Segment SQL and JackDB, you get direct SQL access to all of your customer data in a secure, collaborative, and entirely browser-based environment for analysis and query-based reporting.

We’ll follow up later this month with another blog post exploring Segment’s predefined database schema in depth. Until then, sign up for Segment SQL and ask them about tracking your customer data to Amazon Redshift. After they’ve launched your cluster, you’ll be able to connect your Segment SQL data source in just a few minutes and query your customer data seamlessly with JackDB.

If you have any questions about Segment, you can reach them at friends@segment.com.

If you have any questions about JackDB or our integration with Segment SQL, you can reach us directly at hello@jackdb.com.